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Materiale riguardante la medicina culinaria e la relazione tra alimentazione e salute:

Adam et al – nutrition and cooking course

Armstrong et al – Group health coaching

Delichatsios et al – Shared Medical Appointment – a portal to culinary education

Eisenberg & Burges – Nutrition Education in an Era of Global Obesity

La Puma – What is culinary Medicine and what does it do

Lichtenstein & Ludwig – bring back home economic education

Mozaffarian & Ludwig – Dietary Guidelines in the 21st Century – a time for food

Nelson et al – call for culinary skills education in childhood obesity prevention interventions

Polak et al – Chef Coaching program – case report

polak et al – Credentialed Chefs as Certified Wellness Coaches Call for Action

Polak et al – Health related culinary education – a summary of programs

Polak et al – Legumes_health benefits and culinary approaches to Increase Intake

Reicks et al – Impact of Cooking and Home Food Preparation

Smith et al – Trends in US home food preparation and consumption